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County disperses $1.1 million in CARES funding

Cottonwood County Commissioners dispersed roughly $1.1 million in relief funds from the CARES Act to county businesses, nonprofits and other entities at a special meeting Wednesday.

The board reviewed applications from businesses and nonprofits, awarding $460,000 in grants to 78 local businesses and $200,000 to 40 nonprofits.

The board also dispersed $335,000 to townships in the county, as well as to Des Moines Valley Health and Human Services and to the Cottonwood County DAC. The board also approved setting aside $150,000 for technology upgrades for the basement meeting room at the Law Enforcement Center as well as the commissioners' room at the county courthouse.

The county has just over $277,000 of its original $1.4 million allotment to disperse, which must be done by Dec. 1. The board agreed to wait to distribute the last of the money to see if any additional COVID-related expenses arise. The remainder of the money may be distributed to school districts in the county.

More on the special meeting will appear in the Sept. 23 print edition of the Citizen.

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