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Simple Troubleshooting

Are you having problems with your computer? With your internet? With printing?
Today, I am going to list some easy troubleshooting steps that anyone can try at home. These steps are usually the first steps we try with customers, and with everything going on it can be tough to go out and get it fixed quickly. But if you try these steps you may just fix the problem yourself!
For any electronic device problem, we always recommend turning off your device and then turning it back on again. If your device won't let you click on anything and it's froze up, you can hold down the power button on your device for about 10 seconds and that will perform a force shutdown.
Same for routers, if your having internet issues. There is no power button on most routers though, so you just have to unplug the power cable either from the router or from the wall. Leave off for a few seconds and then plug back in and give your router a couple minutes to turn on.
Another thing to try, after your device is powered off, is unplugging the power cable from your desktop or printer. If you have a removable battery in your laptop, remove the battery. Let it sit for a couple minutes then plug the device back in or reinsert the battery and turn the device back on.
If you're having trouble printing try restarting your printer, computer and router all at the same time. Leave all devices unplugged for a couple minutes then plug everything back in again and turn on.
Trying these simple steps can sometimes fix the weirdest issues your devices may be having, but may not fix others. Still, it's worth a try.


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