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A closer look at the Windom Police Dept. officers

In this week's guest column, I would like to talk about the staff that makes up the Windom Police Department.
Incredible people.
I feel we are served by incredible people. Here is a brief look at each of them.
Assistant Chief Cory Hillesheim has been with us for over 10 years. He assists with day-to-day operations. Cory is also a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Investigator Donna Marcy has served the department since 2001. She has been in her role as investigator since 2018. She investigates Gross Misdemeanor and Felony cases, as well as all reported Department of Human Services matters.
School Resource Officer Dana Wallace has served since 2002. She began her role at the Windom Area School in 2013. Dana is a Certified School Resource Practitioner by the National School Resource Officers Association.
K-9 officer
Our K-9 officer, Louis Norell, has been with the department since 2011. He and our K-9, Bruno, completed training in 2019. Louis is also our firearms training instructor.
Officer Devin Kopperud has been serving since 2014. Devin is Taser Instructor and also a Defensive Tactics Instructor. He also serves on H.E.A.T., which is a multi-jurisdictional high risk entry and arrest team.
Newest officers
Officer David Huse has been on our staff since 2017. He is an active-shooter instructor for our agency.
Officer Ryan Hillesheim has served since 2019. Later this year, he will serve as our less-lethal shotgun instructor.
Rebecca McPeak just joined us in February. She will serve as a patrol officer.
Records Clerk Deb Nesseth has been with the Windom Police Department since 1986. She manages our front office and directs where legal paperwork is sent.
These people serve the City of Windom each day to make it a safe place to live and work. I feel fortunate to be surrounded by outstanding people.
Scott Peterson is the chief of police for the Windom Police Department.


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