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Approaching my halfway point

I've been asked a few times, "When will you retire?"
I'm not always sure how to take it. Is it wishful thinking?
Well, I've been in the business 35 years. So, I guess I'll hit the halfway point of my career in 2028.
If you're good at math, you know that means I would retire in 2063. That's the year I would turn 100, like current Minneapolis Star Tribune sportswriter Sid Hartman, who turns 100 Sunday.
OK, I confess. There's no way I would try to match Sid's newspaper longevity - even if I live that long. Besides, who says Sid will retire this year?
Like countless Minnesotans, I'll buy a Star Tribune on Sunday morning and tune into WCCO radio's Sports Huddle which promises to be a grand celebration for this Minnesota legend.
When I say I've read Sid's column for 50 years, I feel like an old timer. Then I realize my Dad, at 92, can easily top that mark.
Dad tells the story of playing catcher for Spicer's town baseball team around 1951 when pitcher Tim Ray threw a perfect game. As a result, Ray and Dad appeared in Sid's Sunday column as pitcher of the week and catcher of the week.
Imagine how many other Minnesotans will share their Sid-related stories this Sunday.
Growing up, I recall Dad routinely stopping to grab a Sunday paper after church. By the time we got to our rural Willmar farm, I had read all about the Twins, Vikings and Gophers in Sid's column. As I got older, I realized that countless other sports fans also went straight to Sid's column before reading the rest of the paper.
Sid was part of everyday life. A million tractor radios were tuned to his daily Sports Hero and Twins pre-game shows. We saw him as the ultimate source for Gophers and Vikings news (at age 41, Sid covered the first Vikings game in 1961).
Many people who follow Sid today have no idea how good he was when he was in his prime. Between the Sports Hero show, his column and ability to break big stories, Sid proved that he had more connections than virtually anyone in the sports world.
There will never be another Sid. Happy birthday, young man!


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