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Another scam column

This is probably the subject we write about most often, but that's because no matter how many times we write about it we still have people calling us or stopping in to ask us what to do when a scam pop-up appears on their computer.
If you are browsing the web and all of a sudden your computer locks up and you get a notice that tells you that you have a virus, or your computer is damaged, your files will be deleted and you have to call "Microsoft" at the telephone number provided, then it is a scam. Microsoft will NEVER contact you about a virus on your machine, have you call them about a virus on your machine, or even know that there's any damage to your computer. These are all ways that scammers scare users into calling the number and having you let them into your machine where they have unlimited access to all your files, passwords and other personal info.
So how do you get rid of the popup that locks up your computer?
The simplest way is to hold down the power button on your computer for about 10 seconds. This will completely shut down the machine. When you turn your computer back on again it may be slow for a little bit, but the pop-up should be gone when you go back on the internet. If it's not, give us a call and we can show you a different way to get the pop-up to go away.


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