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Schneider finds QSL card

In October I shared Windom native Maria Schneider's quest to find her father Carl's QSL card.
QSL cards were used by old ham radio operators. According to Wikipedia, QSL cards are: "written confirmation of either a two-way radio communication between two amateur radio stations or a one-way reception of a signal from an AM radio, FM radio, television or shortwave broadcasting station. It also can confirm the reception of a two-way radio communication by a third party listener. A typical QSL card is the same size and made from the same material as a typical postcard, and most are sent through the mail as such."
You'll remember that Maria was searching for her father's ham radio QSL card because she had written a piece for her new album titled "CQ CQ, Is Anybody There?" She wanted to use a graphic of the card in the book that will accompany her first double album, "Data Lords."
She solicited my help, hoping that expanding the search in my column, might result in someone locally having her father's card.
I checked a couple of possibilities, but they were fruitless. I never heard anything more until last week when I got an email from Maria.
Low and behold, someone came up with her father's QSL card (inset photo above), but a different one that she expected.
"This stranger emerged with Dad's card from the Navy!" Maria writes. "Different number (which he explained that back then if you moved to a new state, I think he said you got a new number.) He liked the card and decided to research Dad - and saw my article in the Citizen (my column) looking for Dad's QSL. Is that amazing or what!"
Well, one thing led to another and Maria was able to get at least a digital image of the card.
Maria was truly excited to get the card and she explains the picture on the card: "What's crazy is Dad didn't become a pilot until years later when he was hired by Kimberly Clark to work at the plant in Windom, and they said they needed him to become a pilot. And he made insanely tall towers in our yard (look at his drawing of this tower) . . . and then there is the martini . . . ha! It's all there - prophetic - even his handwriting. I guess there were a lot of planes at his naval base."
Here's another little twist to this story. As I mentioned, Maria wanted to include her dad's QSL card in the book that goes with the album. However, by the time she learned someone had the card, it would have been too late to include it because the project would have been sent to the printers.
"Would have been" is the operative phrase here.
There was an engineering problem with the record that set the entire project back a month. That also delayed printing the book, which now allows her to include a copy of the card in the book.
How about that!
When I shared Maria's search, I thought that perhaps someone locally might read my column and have a card in their collection. I never had a clue that someone far away would read my column online and have a connection to the card. Here's one instance when the internet proved a great benefit.
'Data Lords' album
Maria is wrapping up work on her first double album. I said in my October column that the album was scheduled to come out in April, but it now appears it will be coming out a month later.
There's another connection to Maria's project that includes a Windom tie.
Windom native and artist Aaron Horkey is doing the artwork for the album. His art has a huge following as evidenced by his exhibit opening at the Remick Gallery in Windom in September. The opening drew a whopping 300 guests from all over the country.
Maria says Aaron's "artwork on this is stunning!"


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