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County is a leader in Real ID

At the risk of causing a stampede at the Cottonwood County Recorder's office, I'll just go ahead and report it:
Cottonwood County is the state's fifth-ranked "Real ID Ready" county.
The rankings came out earlier this month and County Recorder Kathleen Kretsch is understandably proud. She should be.
In fact, Kretsch should be very happy with her entire staff. I've heard nothing but positive comments from anyone who has dealt with the county recorder's office.
According to people from the Department of Public Safety, 16% of Cottonwood County driver's license and ID card holders are Real ID ready. That's just six percentage points off the leader, which is Rock County.
Other counties that rank ahead of our county are Houston, Lyon and Carver counties. Before you scoff at this ranking, consider how we would feel if our county was on a less prestigious list - the bottom five.
Yes, the state's report shined the spotlight of shame on five counties, a rarity for state officials. Then again, being at the bottom of this list is not really a supreme insult. A lot can change in a few months.
Our county sits 11 percentage points ahead of the bottom county, Pope County (5%) and we're comfortably 10 percentage points away from being on that spotlight of shame.
All kidding aside, it is important for people to get onboard with Real ID. Why?
Beginning Oct. 1, Minnesotans will not be able to use their standard driver's license or ID card to board domestics flights or enter federal facilities. If you upgrade your license or get a passport, you can solve that problem.
Here are a few other facts shared in the state report:
• As of Jan. 30, there were 316,302 Real ID driver's license holders, 251,241 enhanced driver's license holders and roughly 4.1 million standard driver's license holders.


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