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It's a subject we talk about regularly in our column, but it seems more and more necessary every time we write about it. Passwords can be tricky because we all have so many of them, it seems like you need one for everything nowadays, and if you don't keep track of your passwords you can easily forget them and then have trouble getting into your accounts.
The main way to keep track of your passwords is to have a little notebook that you can write your passwords in. Write down the username or email address associated with your account and the password created with the account, and maybe even the date you created it if you make a new password. Make sure to keep this book in a safe place so you don't lose it.
Another option is to use a password manager such as Dashlane or LastPass. These are online password managers that require a master password to get into the account and then all of your passwords are saved in the account. Problem with these online password managers is you want to make sure you have a secure password which can be difficult to remember. You also don't want it to be too easy for someone to possibly be able to guess because if someone gets into this account then all of your passwords are compromised.
The situation we see the most is people saving their passwords in their web browser so that when they go to a website they don't need to sign in because it automatically signs them in. This can be very convenient, but this can also be trouble if something ever happens to your computer. Sometimes saved passwords can't be transferred to a new computer, and if we can't access any info on your old computer then all those passwords are gone. Writing down passwords is never a bad idea as long as you keep it somewhat organized, and it may just save you down the road.


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