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Let's ask the 'experts'

I've always said some of the greatest comedy is called unintended comedy.
That said, it feels like some of the greatest unintended comedy on television belongs to political analysts for the four big TV networks - ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC - not necessarily in that order. They are comedic geniuses.
The other night, I caught the Nevada debate, plus some "expert analysis" the following morning. I swear I thought I had accidentally pulled up a "taped" version of Saturday Night Live's cold open.
It was only missing Dana Carvey and Chris Farley.
One "expert" has been on three candidate bandwagons in three weeks. Last week, he annointed Amy Klobuchar. Now he says it's Bernie Sanders' race to lose, glumly adding that Sanders cannot beat Donald Trump. When I flipped over to FOX, the analysts seemed so giddy, I half-expected to see confetti and a band playing, "Happy days are here again!"
If he were alive today, Walter Conkrite would be stunned. America's political process is quickly becoming a clown show.


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