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Copy, cut and paste

Quick tip for you this week. I'm sure many of you know how to copy and paste, and even know the different keyboard commands for copy and paste, but not everyone does. So today I am going to go over the different ways to copy and paste.
To copy something from an email, webpage or a Word document, highlight the text that you want to copy by holding down your Left mouse click and dragging your mouse to highlight the desired text. Then let go of Left click. This should highlight the text you have designated. Then simply put your mouse over the text that you selected and Right click and that should give you a list of options to choose from, among which should be Copy. Left click on Copy and that will copy the selected text. Then navigate to the area where you want the text to go, Right click and select Paste from the menu.
Another option that may come up is Cut. Cutting is taking the text you selected and removing it from that spot and pasting it in a different location. Only use this option if you need to move text from one place to another and not copy text from one place to another.
Some quick keyboard shortcuts, instead of Right clicking on your screen, are these:
•  To Copy, highlight the text you want and hit Control + C on your keyboard.
•  To Paste, navigate where you want the copied text and hit Control + V on your keyboard.


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