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State's surplus is our windfall

By now you've heard Minnesota lawmakers are in a tizzy, trying to figure out what to do with the $1.3 billion surplus.
Democrats want to spend it. Republicans want tax relief.
This will be a bloody battle in St. Paul. Fortunately, I have a beautiful plan.
Give it to Windom.
OK, maybe not all of it. How about we give lawmakers $34.5 million less to fight about?
I know, I know, they'll ask, "How will you spend it?"
As Cousin Eddie said in the holiday classic, Christmas Vacation, "Here's a little list:"
• $10 million to help solve our housing shortage.
• $500,000 for a veterans memorial worthy of the heroes it represents.
• $1.5 million to rebuild Sixth Avenue and fix an erosion issue (keep it from falling into the river).
• $10 million to get Windom's other streets up to snuff.
• $7 million for an auditorium worthy of our school's top shelf drama and music departments.
• $5 million to replace our "historic" swimming pool.
• The extra $500,000? It is to replace an elderly, failing fire truck (a purchase ridiculously delayed by a township-city dispute).


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