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Google Chrome bookmarks

It's a simple subject today, but some people may not know how to add bookmarks in Chrome. Bookmarks are your favorites in Chrome. They are how you can get to a website, or a specific page of a website, without having to type in the full web address or clicking through the menus and hoping you remember how you got there.
To add a bookmark into Chrome you first need to find a page that you want to bookmark. Once on this page, in the upper right corner of the Chrome windows you will see a little star icon. This star icon allows you to bookmark a page. After you've clicked on the bookmark icon you can change the name of the bookmark, if you wish, and change where the bookmark is saved, either the Bookmarks Bar or the Other Bookmarks folder.
When selecting where to save the bookmark you can be even more organized, if you wish, and make your own folders, if you have alike bookmarks, such as email, financial websites, etc.
If you have a bookmark you no longer wish to keep, you simply Right Click on the bookmark you don't want and select Delete. You can do this to both bookmarks on the Bookmarks Bar and inside Bookmark Folders.


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