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Do we want a candidate here?

I've got a feeling local political junkies are as giddy as kids at Christmas.
Super Tuesday is less than three weeks away and, for the first time, Minnesota will dip its toe in the water. In theory, presidential candidates will take the state by storm, holding rallies, kissing babies and giving our citizens a voice in the election.
It's called Super Tuesday for a reason. Remember, we share the spotlight with 11 states. The candidates have lots of places to be.
No doubt we'll see rallies in Minneapolis. Lots of voters there.
But what about Windom? Is there any chance we'll see "Bloomberg stumps in Windom" gracing page 1 of the Citizen?
Will candidates even bother with a county that Klobuchar lost in her last Senate election? A big visit still feels like a long shot.
Meanwhile, folks may ask, do we want a candidate stopping Windom? Given the circus such a visit could create - the camera trucks and traffic jams around the Square - some may say, "No thanks."
To those folks, I respectfully disagree. A candidate's visit offers a lift for our stores, restaurants, convenience stores and even motels. Besides, candidates will move on as soon as our votes are counted - perhaps sooner, if we run into technology problems.


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