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Help with Windows 10

Analogy time. When you go to a swimming pool you see a lot of people just dipping their toes in to get a feel for the water and temperature. Just enough to get a taste of what to expect, but not committing to going all the way in right from the start.
This example can be compared to users who were on Windows 7 and now have Windows 10 computers. It can be a little daunting just jumping all in, but what if there was a way to get a feel for it first?
Introducing Tips, Microsoft's small Windows 10 help section. Tips is built into all Windows 10 computers and can be found by clicking on Start, scrolling through the list of programs towards the bottom and clicking on Tips (light bulb icon). Within tips you can see the newest features added to Windows 10, learn how to personalize your computer and also learn some of the basics.
Will this answer all your Windows 10 questions? Probably not, but it's a good place to start if you aren't familiar with Windows 10. Most computers nowadays don't come with a booklet of instructions on how to use your computer. Using Tips, doing your own research, or asking someone who knows, are the only ways to get help without figuring it out on your own.
So, before you jump all the way in and surround yourself with the unknown, just dip your toes in first and get a feel for Windows 10, then gradually take your time making it to the deep end.


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