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The new Microsoft Edge

There are so many different web browsers to choose from that it can be hard to determine which one you should use, or which one is the best.
What it really comes down to is personal preference. If you like the way Firefox looks over Google Chrome, go ahead and use Firefox. If you like the features in Opera over Internet Explorer go ahead and use Opera. However, we don't recommend using Internet Explorer anymore because more and more websites do not function properly on that platform.
What if you want a web browser that's like Internet Explorer? Microsoft released Microsoft Edge in 2015, alongside Windows 10. This was meant to be the new Internet Explorer, but they weren't quite the same and people tended to gravitate towards other web browsers instead. Slowly Microsoft has been releasing updates to try and better the Edge product, and the newest version of Edge is their latest attempt at that.
The new version of Edge is pretty similar to Google Chrome while also still having some of the same elements that Edge originally came with. Do I think it's better than Google Chrome? No, but I'm used to Chrome so I'm going to stick with it.
If you want to try this newest version of Edge, to see if you like it, you need to go into the Windows app store on your computer, search for Edge up in the search box. Select Learn More under the "Meet the new Microsoft Edge" headline. That will open a webpage where you can download the newest release of Edge.
If you are already using Microsoft Edge as your browser and you decide to try the new version, it will change what the icon for Edge looks like.
If you have any questions about downloading the new version of Edge feel free to stop in, or give us a call.


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