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Ctrl + Alt + Del

I'm sure many of you know the command that I typed as the name of this article, and most likely you have used this command at some point while using a computer.
If you don't know what the title says, Ctrl + Alt + Del stands for Control Alt Delete. I'm sure most of you have heard this command before, but what exactly is this command capable of doing? Today I will explain the different options you have in the Ctrl + Alt + Del menu.
When you have completed the Control Alt Delete command you will get a screen with the options to Lock, Switch User, Sign Out, Change a Password and Task Manager. The Lock option is very rarely used, but when you select Lock it will take you to the sign-in screen of your computer and prompt you to enter your password if you have one. This option is nice if you are going to step away from your computer for a couple minutes, and don't want anyone accessing your computer.
Switch User is self-explanatory. You can switch to a different user account on the computer without signing out of your account.
The next option is Sign Out, also self-explanatory, which allows you to sign out of your account and takes you back to the log-in page.
Change a Password allows you to change your user account password, if you have one.
Finally, the most used option - Task Manager. This is where you can see all the different tasks running on your machine and see how many of your system resources are being used up by these programs.
There is also the option to Cancel which will just take you back to the screen you were on before you hit Ctrl + Alt + Del. Also, in the lower right-hand corner is the icons for Network, Ease of Access and Power. Ctrl + Alt + Del is really only used when trying to repair a computer, or check different computer resources, but can be a nice way to perform other minor tasks on your computer as well.


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