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Weather - our common bond

Nothing brings Minnesotans together like an old-fashioned snowstorm.
Evidence of that poured in during last weekend's blizzard. Every stop on Friday included at least some weather talk.
Minnesotans are experts at discussing weather and at adjusting those discussions on the fly. People gabbed about forecasts, the city's new snow emergency plan and school closures.
After numerous questionable closure decisions over the years, it feels like Windom officials have hit their stride on "calling school" - with no warm, sunny closures in months. Then again, there's plenty of winter left.
When Citizen Online listed business and office closures Friday, I heard two responses - "They are closing already?" and "I can't believe they're still open."
During a Saturday night party, one topic was driveway clean-up. What time did you go out? Who was involved? How much drifting did people see? I heard similar discussions the next two days.
Over coffee Monday morning, our group discussed a guy who was spotted in Windom using his pickup to plow a neighborhood sidewalk. It's a concept that was new to us.
Someone mentioned a $1 million idea - attaching a hydraulic arm to a tractor. The tractor stays on the street while an arm and blower reaches over signs and snow banks to clear sidewalks.
Obviously, someone may beat us to the patent office. It's a risk I'm willing to take for my readers.


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