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Churches bolster relief efforts

Many local churches in the Windom area have stepped up to meet needs both in their own congregation and outside of the faith community.

The volunteer efforts are very diverse and range from helping sandbag and loading up debris to making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and providing lunches and support for other local relief workers.

When asked what can be learned through this challenge, Pastor Mike McInnis of the Windom Methodist Church said, “That God will walk along side us and use his people to bring help and encouragement during the hard season of rebuilding ahead.”

The pastor said the Global Methodist denomination is collecting funds for local and regional relief that includes Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin as well.

“The church needs to also see this as a season of spiritual needs and speak to those, inviting people to trust God, repent and discover his promises of rescue and help. . .” McInnis reflected.

Father Peter Schuster is serving at St. Francis Xavier Church in Windom and his office responded, saying, “The hope of St. Jude teaches us that his saintly intercession takes away our desperation. Our causes placed before God are no longer hopeless, and our ability to navigate through life’s challenges is strengthened.”

The church notes that currently the Catholic Charities Emergency Fund is exhausted, but the church is collecting funds including those allocated to the Windom Ministerial Association and the Windom Food Shelf.

How to donate

Churches have been told that members can give to the Windom Flood Relief Fund as well.
This central community fund was established to support flood victims. Checks can be mailed to Windom Area Foundation, P.O. Box 351, Windom, MN 56101, or dropped off to Bank Midwest.
Donations can also be made online at the WAF’s Facebook page, or the Foundation’s website: www.windomareafoundation.com.

For more details on this story, please see the July 3 edition of the Citizen.

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