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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Volunteers organized to help clean-up efforts

There are clean-up efforts underway throughout the community. Community members have stepped up throughout the last week helping their friends, family, and neighbors with flooding preparation and now clean-up. We extend our gratitude to volunteers who have been aiding the community. The City of Windom will continue to coordinate requested resources with volunteer groups and organizations as available.

There is a Volunteer Flooding group located at the former Connection building at 948 4th Ave, Windom, MN. This group will be leading many volunteer clean-up efforts, as possible, throughout the community.

If you need clean-up service in your home, you are invited to call Diane at (507) 221-0278 or Hilary at (507) 822-3849 to get on their list for this group’s service.

In addition, Crisis Cleanup operates the Minnesota Flooding Cleanup Hotline at (218) 288-2213. This is not a guaranteed service but there are several organizations and groups in the community monitoring the reports here. Call this hotline to be added to a multi-organizational list for free service. This list will be available to our local volunteer groups.

During clean-up, homeowners are requested to retain pictures of damage and discarded items for insurance and assessment purposes.

For homeowners completing their own clean-up, the University of Minnesota has published a comprehensive guide on flooding clean-up available at: https://extension.umn.edu/flooding/cleaning-after-flood.

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