75.3 F
Thursday, July 25, 2024

Friday morning flood status update

Cottonwood County Emergency Management reports that the river level in the Des Moines River remained stable after rainfall received in the area Thursday evening and overnight. Any water level rise should be negligible, but the receding of the river will be slowed as a result.

  • The city of Windom water department wants to remind people to conserve water. The drinking water remains safe but the wastewater system is at capacity and being bypassed. Examples of conservation include taking shorter showers and full efficient use of washing machines and dish washers.
  • Various volunteer groups around the community are assisting with flood needs. Thank you to those who have organized and are participating in this effort.
  • The Red Cross will be in town with clean-up kits and other items used for debris cleanup. They will be the Windom Arena from 4-7 p.m. today.
  • The debris drop-off is taking more and more debris. A reminder from landfill officials that the drop-off is for flood-damaged items only.
  • FEMA was in town to do a pre-assessment yesterday. FEMA now has a picture of what is happening. The city needs damage assessment sheets returned in order to apply for individual assistance. Sheets are available in English and Spanish.
  • Remember to leave sandbags in place. Sandbags will be picked up once the river level drops below “action” stage of 17 feet.
  • Pumping at Warren Pond continues and the water level at Cottonwood Lake continues to slowly recede.
  • The city is investigating long-term solutions to lessen major flood impacts during possible future flood events in the community.
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