66.7 F
Thursday, July 25, 2024

Thursday morning flood update

Windom Mayor Dominic Jones reported that the Des Moines River in Windom is continuing to recede. However, the city is strongly recommending that sandbags be kept in place, as rain can lead to a rise in water levels. Sandbags will be picked up after the river levels fall below “action” stage at 17 feet, which will likely be well after the July 4 holiday.

There is rain in the forecast for today and Friday, however accumulation is expected to be light, which could minimize impact on floodwaters.

  • The debris drop-off site has been taking more and more debris. The instructions have been translated into Spanish and were posted on the city’s Facebook page Wednesday night.
  • In an effort to reduce levels at Cottonwood Lake, a 4,500 gallon-per-minute pump is pumping water from Warren Pond to Warren Lake. Authorization was given by the Minnesota DNR. The pumping and natural water flow has dropped levels in Warren Pond a few inches overnight. Pumping will continue into the future.
  • The flood damage assessment form is available in English and Spanish on the city’s website (windom-mn.com) Please follow the directions on the form and see the attached damage assessment matrix. Those are needed for an application for FEMA individual assistance. Financial assistance from FEMA is not a guarantee; however, in order to apply, those assessment forms need to be returned.
  • The city is working on consumer protection education materials. Do not pre-pay someone, especially over the internet, to come clean your house. Those selling goods and services door-to-door in the city are required to have a city peddler’s permit. A resident can ask to see the permit.
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