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Thursday, July 25, 2024

City warns of possible scammers

City of Windom update: Thursday, June 27, 6:15 p.m.
As waters recede, clean-up efforts are actively underway in the community. There are many households who will require assistance from others. Friends, family, and neighbors are often the first to step up and assist in clean-up efforts throughout the community. However, there may be extra help needed for some property owners.
There are several credible Voluntary Organizations Assisting in Disaster or other relief organizations who may assist locally. Some examples of these organizations include Christian Aid Ministries, who have already served in surrounding communities like Heron Lake. These organizations offer services for free.
Unfortunately, there may be scammers out there who are calling residents, contacting them on social media, or going door to door with offers and promises to clean up the flood damage on their properties.
If anyone you do not know contacts you with an offer to clean up your property:
· Do a background check and make sure it is a reputable organization.
· Do not send or give these individuals or organizations any money or gifts cards.
· Do not give these individuals or organizations any credit card information or other personal information.
Many neighbors are already helping each other with clean-up efforts. We ask that residents also look out for their neighbors by sharing this information and helping prevent any local scamming.
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