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Thursday, July 25, 2024

City starts pumping Warren Pond

Windom Street Department Manager Jon Ketzenberg and Incident Commander Tim Hogan stated Wednesday afternoon that efforts are underway to try to bring some relief to flooded homeowners along Cottonwood Lake.

Ketzenberg said that a 12-inch pump has started operating on Warren Pond, which will pump water into Warren Lake.

The hope is that will help lower water levels on Cottonwood Lake without also causing water to rise in Perkins Creek, which has dropped considerably in the past 24 hours.

Sandbagging has stopped

Hogan added that sandbagging efforts in Windom have stopped. However, sandbags should remain in place for the time being, particularly since there is rain in the forecast for Thursday night into Friday.

Sandbags will not be picked up until floodwaters have dropped below action stage.

Recovery efforts

If the river recedes quickly over the next few days, Hogan said that he will be working with service organizations, looking to organize volunteers to help residents with clean-up efforts.

“The hope is to move right into recovery,” Hogan said. “We’re hoping to help people clean out basements, haul debris and possibly even set up another drop-off site. We’re still working on the logistics of everything, but if the water continues to go down, we’ll move quickly.”

Road closures

Ketzenberg said that some work is being done on the temporary levee that was built along Fourth Avenue, which would allow residents to get back into their homes.

In addition, Sixth Avenue around 16th and 17th Streets has reopened to traffic, as water from Perkins Creek has dropped.

However, Ketzenberg said that numerous roads are still closed.

“Any road with water over it should still be considered closed,” Ketzenberg said. “If people need to drive through water to get to their homes, they can do that, but we don’t want any unnecessary traffic going through areas that still have water.

“The ground in those areas is still saturated, so driving through water can cause a wake and impact nearby property. If you are driving through water, please go slowly so you aren’t creating problems for your neighbors. Be patient and be kind to the property owners nearby.”

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