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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Windom officials: Des Moines River is cresting

Windom city officials announced this evening that the Des Moines River is now cresting.

The river is expected to reach its highest water level, roughly 25.2 feet, at about 7 a.m. on Wednesday before slowly receding. That’s based on the latest forecast by the National Weather Service.Here are a few other notes from this evening’s city meeting:

* Sandbagging operations have ceased after filling 36,500 bags.
* Residents are asked to keep sandbags in place for several days in case of weather or river changes.
* The river is expected to fall below the Action Stage of 17 feet after July 4. Sandbags will be picked up at that time.
* Residents will be notified when Damage Assessment forms are available.
* The city formally offered thanks to volunteers and contractors who helped fill bags and protect the city.
* The Emergency Operations Center will continue to staff and assist the city and county.

Watch www.windomnews.com and the Cottonwood County Citizen as more information becomes available.

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