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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Notes from 1:00 p.m. emergency meeting

Notes from Windom City Council member Jenny Quade on their 1:00 p.m. (Tuesday) emergency meeting:

Emergency Flood Assistance Resolution and Agreement with the US Army Corps of Engineers was approved. They provided 25,000 sandbags to Windom and we have requested flood assistance. Improvements are happening.
-Sandbagging was moved to Windom Rec parking lot but at this time we are advised we can stop sandbagging.
-Talcot and Heron Lake Outlet Dams are just fine.
-Shelter is set up at Jackson County Central School as a regional shelter by the Red Cross
-Electric generator up and going now for South side of town. If you are still without power contact City Hall.
-No reported sewer backups. If your sewer does have any backups, please contact City Hall. -please continue to conserve water

Newest update is predicted 25.6 feet crest overnight Tuesday into Wednesday morning. This is DOWN from the last prediction and more like the 100 year flood mark. This will continue to be monitored and of course any additional rain can change things quickly. Tons of Thank You’s were given out to community volunteers, food establishments, local contractors, City staff, County and School. Big thanks to Scott Veenker and Brent Staples and his crew for helping out, just so many to name. The City of Worthington sent over 7 staff and lots of their equipment to help out as well. The outpouring of help is what makes this City so special!!!!! Lastly, Steve Nasby was appointment the financial officer and Tim Hogan as the Incident Commander for this flood event with the EOC team.

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