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Thursday, July 25, 2024

Power outage near south Windom hits snag

Citizen Online just received word from City Administrator Steve Nasby that south Windom will be without power longer than expected, “at least three more hours.”

The power was shut off early this evening as crews worked to hook up a temporary power generator for the south Windom area — to be used in the event the city were to lose power on a unit near the swimming pool area (which feeds the south Windom area). The generator, which was brought in on a flatbed semi truck in response to the flood emergency, is not owned by the city of Windom and local workers are unfamiliar with this specific equipment.

“It’s taking longer than expected to get it synced up with our equipment,” Nasby said, which means it could be 1 a.m. before power is restored to residents and businesses in the Hardee’s and Godfather’s neighborhood, plus across the highway near Kwik Trip.
Nasby said once the temporary generator is hooked up, residents and businesses will again receive power from the main power line.

The temporary power generator would only be used if the main power unit fails.

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