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Thursday, July 25, 2024

2024 flood officially hits record level

In the past few days, Citizen staff members have been told by longtime residents that the flood of 2024 remindful of the record flood in 1969.

Well, this morning the Des Moines River level officially rose past the highest flood stage of 1969, which was 24.70 feet. In other words, the 2024 flood is now officially Windom’s largest flood on record.

According to the National Water Prediction Service, the river is expected to crest sometime Wednesday.

City and county officials are currently meeting at the Cottonwood County Courthouse to discuss the current status, as well as plans for the next several days.

Safety precautions

Cottonwood County officials urged people to be mindful of safety while dealing with flooding in the area.

Solid Waste Officer Kyle Pillatzki noted that people should wear rubber gloves while handling and placing sandbags and should be sure to wash their hands if they are dealing with flooded basements or outdoor flooding.

“In most cases, you may not know what is in that floodwater,” Pillatzki said. “People should be wearing gloves when handling sandbags and cleaning their basements and should be sure to wash their hands afterward.”

Watch www.windomnews.com,, the Cottonwood County Citizen Facebook page and CoCoCitizen (on X) for updates throughout today and this week. Also, check this week’s Cottonwood County Citizen for complete stories, opinions and updates on the Flood of 2024.


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