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Thursday, July 25, 2024

DNR hydrologist: River projections may be low

With heavy rainfall continuing in the Windom area Friday, concern is growing over the likelihood of flooding on the Des Moines River.

DNR Area Hydrologist Tom Kresko noted that the National Weather Service estimates for the river typically give the best guess at where the river levels will reach.

Kresko said the river forecasts by the NWS try to take anticipated precipitation into account. However, the forecasts tend to change as more rain falls.

“Right now, the NWS is projecting a crest of 23.20 feet on Wednesday morning,” Kresko said. “My opinion is that projection might be low, but we’ll have a better idea once the rain ends.”

He added that down the Des Moines River in Jackson, water levels already were higher than other parts of the river, meaning the water levels further upstream could stay high longer.

“We could be in for a long couple of days with the river,” Kresko said.

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