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WAS lands $185,000 pilot program

Windom Area High School Superintendent Jamie Frank said House Finance Bill H5237-3 named Windom Area Schools as a participant in the Student Attendance Pilot Program for the next three years, which is good news for the district financially.

Frank said High School Principal Bryan Joyce will lead the effort at Monday night’s WAS Board meeting.

This program awards Windom Area Schools with $185,000 over three years to increase student attendance.

“Mr. Joyce will take the lead and collaborate quarterly with other schools participating in the project to find ways to increase student attendance,” Frank said. “The district will be hiring an attendance coordinator to work with students and their families by removing barriers so everyone can be in school every day. The district also realizes that sickness and appointments will occur and these reasons will continue to be excused absences. The project will focus on those who have difficulty getting to school (without a good reason), are tardy or skip class and leave early.”

For more information on this story, please see the June 12 edition of the Citizen.

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