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New medical building rapidly taking shape at Windom Area Health

It was only a little over a year ago that the idea of a new four-story $32 million medical office building was put before the Windom City Council, and now suddenly all the steel for that approved medical building has been framed together and workers are ready to build each floor.

The demolition of the old clinic went swiftly in October and a warm winter allowed workers to pour concrete and build the towers for the stairwells and elevator shafts before this new year came. The next step now will be to pour cement for the floors above ground.

Greg Holt has been at WAH for seven years and he is a supervisor in maintenance who is taking on a new logistics role with the building of the 57,000 square foot complex.

“Part of my job now is that I communicate with the construction managers pretty much daily,” said Holt. “I’m included in the meetings and I work to communicate between lots of different groups as there are so many different working pieces of this project. This allows me to tell the staff what we need to do with parking or any other issues. So we are doing the best we can to do a smooth transition during this build, and the communication has been very good and very important.”

Holt has experience with many aspects of construction and maintenance, so he is able to understand the projects and work with the contractors. He says the steel workers who completed the framing recently put people in the hospital in awe.

For more details on this story, please see the May 8 edition of the Citizen.

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