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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Spring corn planting nearly done with beans next

Most farmers in Cottonwood County were finishing up the spring corn planting before rains first came over the weekend, and the area crop planting is on schedule and going well thus far.

Eric Wright is the head agronomist for Country Pride Services Cooperative in Bingham Lake. He manages three employees in Fulda and about 10 staff in Bingham Lake, and he has been with the business for 30 years. He has a wife and four children, and they live in Mt. Lake, though originally Wright grew up on a dairy farm in west central Iowa.

When asked if the colder weather earlier in April, (with near freezing nights) slowed planting this spring, Wright did not think it had great impact.

“There may have been a few that held off as they just wanted it to be a little warmer before they started,” said Wright, “but most farmers seemed to have gotten out in the fields and I would say most of them are either done or nearly done with the corn planting now.”

For more on this story, please see the May 1 edition of the Citizen.

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