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New boat will help Windom firefighters in emergency responses

  • After saving up for a more versatile boat for many years, relief association donates new boat to the city of Windom.

The Windom Fire Department used a brand new boat that has expanded capabilities in the search for a drowning victim, Skyler Goulette, on Eagle Lake this week. It was a tragic event, and a harrowing search in less than ideal conditions.

It was getting dark on Monday night and Assistant Chief Jordan Bussa led a crew of firemen to the scene on Eagle Lake to search for the juvenile, who had jumped into the water to retrieve a lost paddle, but then could not make it back to the canoe, as the wind took the canoe and his sister away swiftly.

“It is just a heartbreaking event, and we extend our condolences to the family,” said Fire Chief Ben Derickson. “The guys in this fire hall don’t quit. It was a very tough search and bad conditions, but they gave it everything they had.”

Longtime need

The Windom Fire Relief Association has been saving for years and Derickson announced the donation of the boat to the fire department and the Windom City Council just last month. The boat was custom made by Gales Marine in Galesville, Wisconsin and the cost was over $38,000.

“We raise money in the relief association mainly through our raffle and events like the Fireman’s Concert,” said Bussa. “And it has been incredible the support the community and local citizens give to these fundraisers.”

For more details on this story, please see the April 24 edition of the Citizen.

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