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Scammer advises reader to collect ‘unclaimed life insurance policy claim’

A local reader recently reported getting an official-looking letter from the law firm of “David and Associates LLP,” based in Ontario, Canada.

It took the reader just a minute to realize this was a scam letter.
The letter claims “there is an unclaimed ‘permanent life insurance policy’ held by our deceased client.”

It goes on to say the policy contain the sum of $11,550,300. It lists the policy holder as one of the firm’s clients and says he was an investor and precious stone dealer.

The letter goes on to say the client was a COVID-19 victim who died two years ago. The scammer tells the reader that no relatives came forward to claim the funds and that “the insurance company code stipulates that ‘insured permanent policies’ not claimed must be turned over to the abandoned property division of the state after two or three years.
At this point, the scammer offers a partnership to claim the policy benefit, “in view of the striking similarity in same last name and nationality with the deceased.”

Toward the end of the letter, the scammer claims “this is 100% risk free and offers an email address and phone number, also stating, “Your earliest response to this matter would be highly appreciated.”

The person who submitted this scam report did not comply.

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