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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Municipal consent is key for MnDOT plans on Highway 60 corridor

  • The Windom City Council has learned that not giving consent to MnDOT plans for 2025 may have some big drawbacks.

Recent talks between the Minnesota Department of Transportation and the Windom City Council reveal that the city must decide fairly soon whether to give consent to MnDOT for their proposed traffic signal replacement and restriping project in 2025.

The council had inquired on a number or issues in a previous meeting with MnDot, and some council members were disappointed with the responses now given by MnDOT employees Mary Loeffer, the project manager, and Anne Wolff, public engagement coordinator.

Jim Nelson, council member, told the two: “What I heard is an awful lot of use of the word ‘unfortunately’ in response to the things we asked about.”

Nelson said he believes there has always been the intent to have four-lanes from Iowa to the Twin Cities, now Windom is getting pushed into fewer lanes does not make sense.

For more details on this story, please see the April 17 edition of the Citizen.

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