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City council and MnDOT discuss Highway 60-71 corridor projects

The Windom City Council this week will host planners and leaders from the Minnesota Department of Transportation to discuss plans for new stoplights and a re-striping project for 2025 aimed at improving safety and traffic flow in the main Highway 60/71 corridor that runs north-south through the municipality.

Mary Loeffler, the project manager for this Windom assignment for MnDOT, said the state is seeking to work with the local community to improve both the short and long-term use of this key local roadway.

What Windom has in the main Highway 60/71 corridor going through town is what some urban planners would call a ‘stroad’. A stroad (street/road) is a term for a traffic system that is trying to serve two functions: the small town street that is pedestrian, bicycle and business friendly and the highway road that is focused on higher speeds, more convenience and less diverse methods of transport, namely the automobile and the semi-truck. Understanding the different functions a piece of marked pavement is trying to accomplish can be helpful in determining the compromises and best solutions planners face, according to Chuck Marohn, a Minnesota author and small-town planning advocate from Brainard.


For more details on this story, please see the April 3 edition of the Citizen.

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