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Monday, July 22, 2024

Area computer scam snares local victim

The Windom Police Department wishes to make the public aware of a recent computer-related scam.

The scam was that a Windom female’s home computer screen turned blue and she could not do anything on the computer unless she contacted “Microsoft.”

She contacted what she thought was Microsoft but come to find out it was the hackers. The hackers stated that they needed money for them to unlock her computer. After losing almost $11,000 to these hackers, the woman contacted Norton Security and they were able to unlock her computer and reset it.

Outgoing Assistant Police Chief Cory Hillesheim encouraged the public to reach out to the police here if they do not think something is right, or contact a local IT business if they are having computer confusion.

Share your scam story
If you have been the target of a scam, your first contact should be the local authorities. Also, feel free to contact us with details (we can keep your name confidential, if you wish).
Send your story to: rahnl@windomnews.com, or call 507-831-3455. Stories will appear in an upcoming edition. By sharing your story, you may prevent others from being scammed.

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