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Monday, May 27, 2024

UPDATED: No travel advisory lifted in region

UPDATED: While travel conditions remain difficult in parts of Southwest Minnesota, the Minnesota Department of Transportation announced that, effective 2 p.m. today, the no travel advisories for Highway 60, Highway 71, Highway 86 and Interstate 90 would be lifted.

Travelers are still advised to use extreme caution, as roads are still covered with ice and snow and are slippery. However, the strong winds that were creating reduced visibility have died down somewhat and visibility in the region has improved.


The Minnesota Department of Transportation is advising no travel on several roads in Southwest Minnesota due to heavy snowfall, strong winds and icy roads.

Currently, MnDOT is advising no travel on Highway 60 between Windom and Worthington, Highway 71 between Windom and Jackson, Interstate 90 between Worthington and Jackson and Highway 86 from Highway 60 to the Iowa state line.

MnDOT reports that those particular roadways are slippery and visibility on those roads is one-tenth of a mile or less.

Currently, Highway 71 north of Windom and Highway 60 east of Windom are reported in poor driving condition with compacted snow and ice covering the roadways, while Highway 62 between Windom and Fulda is currently in fair condition, with light compacted snow on the roadway.

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