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Monday, April 22, 2024

Most-wanted car thief is captured after long, two-county chase

There was a very long pursuit that involved law enforcement from both Murray and Cottonwood County recently as the agencies teamed up to capture and arrest 27-year-old Sean VanMeveren of Garvin.

It was a dangerous pursuit that tracked over 40 miles, and authorities report that VanMeveren made at least five attempts to ram pursuing law enforcement agent vehicles.

Cottonwood County Sheriff Jason Purrington and one other deputy assisted in the chase and he said that it was very good news that the suspect was apprehended, as law enforcement has been after him for some time. The issue of whether to pursue a criminal is always complicated and factors like traffic, time of day and especially the danger to the public must always be considered. Purrington said he thought Murray County made a good call on the pursuit and was glad everything ended well with no one getting seriously injured in the long pursuit.

For more details on this story, please see the March 20 edition of the Citizen.

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