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Sheriff’s office number used in S.Dakota scam

Scammers are now putting a touch of fear into their latest scam in Minnehaha County in South Dakota.

According to a recent report by KELO news in Siuox Falls, the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office is warning people that scammers use the office’s front desk number and a captain’s name. In this case, the con artist claims he is investigating identification theft and money laundering.

It isn’t the first time that the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Office received calls about scams claiming to come from law enforcement.

“Unfortunately we see it every week here at the Sheriff’s Office,” Capt. Adam Zishka with the Minnehaha County Sheriff’s Offic told KELO. “Sometimes it’s more aggressive than other times and sometimes it’s more intricate than other times where people may even provide you a number to call back, provide real names of actual Sheriff Office employees, unfortunately, to add some legitimacy to what they’re trying to do.”

This time, Captain Adam Zishka’s name was used.

The whole idea is to instill fear in the recipient of the call according to officials with the Better Business Bureau.

Officials advise people to always be wary of any strange calls you receive and double check where the number is coming from.

“That call to verify is totally fine because they will use the Sheriff’s Office number, the Sioux Falls Police Department’s number to make it look like a legitimate call,” Zishka said.
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