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Crime Series Part One: Criminals surface steadily in Cottonwood County

The first step in any battle is to know your enemy.

Sun Tzu wrote the famous text, The Art of War, before the time of Christ. He was a Chinese general who lived in sixth century B.C. in the state of Wu, an eastern area of the country that now contains Shanghai and Nanjing.

The text has been used in statecraft, business, war and, yes, self-defense and property management and security. Tzu focused much on trying to put oneself in the shoes of someone who is a possible opponent or force to be reckoned with.

Crime motivations

So who might be the typical criminals in Cottonwood County, and what are they after?


This is the first feature story in a series of four that the Citizen is doing on crime awareness and prevention. Please see the March 13 edition for more details on this first story in the series.

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