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Olmstad County reports con man posing as officer

Last month, the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office warned the public about the return of a scam involving law enforcement.

According to a report by KROC, a Rochester-based radio station, the threatening scam involves a caller claiming to be from a local law enforcement agency and demanding payment to avoid legal action. Officials from the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office told KROC they have been made aware that a man with a southern accent has called county residents from a blocked number claiming to be Brad Green with the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office.

A similar scam was reported late last year in the Luverne area.

Authorities say the caller will tell their target they have been subpoenaed to be an expert witness in a federal case and that they have missed their court day. The scammer would then request payment in the form of gift cards or payments to settle the fake legal issue.
The sheriff’s office reminds residents to never pay, agree to pay or agree to meet with someone asking for money to settle a legal issue. Community members who get a call from someone claiming to be from law enforcement asking for money to hang up and contact the sheriff’s office directly.

The Sheriff’s Office says they will never call and request money and gift cards.

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