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Hall-Marcy returns to insurance with experience and a vision

Tyann Hall-Marcy was raised in Windom and has worked here most of her adult life, and now she recently opened a new venture downtown as a Farm Bureau Insurance agent.

Marcy graduated Windom High School in 1999 and later gained experience working in the insurance industry with her mother Tammy Hall for about seven years. More recently she served as the director of Windom’s Chamber of Commerce and as a self-described ‘people-person,’ Tyann made many connections, enjoyed planning events and promoting business in the community.

This new business opened on Nov. 1 and Marcy is excited to be back in insurance with Farm Bureau, which is rooted in rural America. The business offers everything from home, farm and car insurance to products like life insurance and financial services.
“The insurance industry is changing a lot currently,” said Hall-Marcy, “and we really need to be in tune and provide excellent personal service to our customers.”

Tyann has three children, with her daughter Raelyn being the oldest at 17 and a senior in Windom High School. She has a son Lenin who is 16, and another daughter, Annabelle, the youngest at 4.

“This time around I’m focused on trying to save the customer as much money as possible,” Tyann said, “so educating them on deductibles and trying to have them see more money in their pocket versus giving it to the insurance company.”

Hall-Marcy rents office space downtown and she is familiar with the building, as she used to work in the Chamber of Commerce on the side facing the courthouse. She knew it was a good facility and liked the owner, so they made a deal and it’s been a good fit.

Office partner

The business has two agents right now and the second chair is filled by Loni Rossow.
Hall-Marcy said that Rossow brings many years of both town and rural service.

Rossow grew up on a farm near Lakefield and she has worked in insurance for 18 years previously before coming to Farm Bureau. She left the area for a while with a year spent in Alaska and some time in Colorado, but returned to her home roots. Rossow’s partner is Rodney Dicks and they live on a farm site north of Lakefield and have about 60 cows there. He farms some grain so there is hay making and cattle work to accomplish.

For more details, please see the Feb. 14 edition of the Citizen.

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