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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Winners named in Championship Sunday Challenge

The Citizen Publishing Championship Sunday Challenge saw fierce competition for cash prizes, based on predictions on what would happen during Sunday’s NFL championship game.

In the end, the grand prize came down to a tiebreaker, as Amber DeWall captured first place and the $100 grand prize.

Jody Lepp placed second and takes home the $50 consolation prize.

Both DeWall and Lepp correctly picked 14 of 17 scenarios from Sunday’s game. Question number nine, asking which team would have more turnovers, was thrown out, as the two teams had the same number of turnovers.

However, DeWall’s guess of 58 for the overall score of the championship game was closer than Lepp’s guess of 66. The final score of 25-22 in favor of Kansas City meant a final overall total score of 47.

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