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Thursday, June 13, 2024

Truck stolen near Jeffers found 50 miles away broken and stuck on a dirt road

Rod Missling of Jeffers was in Sioux Falls Friday, taking his wife Vicki to the doctor, when he got a call just before noon informing him that his blue 2012 Dodge Ram pickup had been stolen.

Missling lives in the country just south of Jeffers and they had left home that morning before 9 a.m. He never leaves his key fob in the truck, but rather routinely leaves it in the house on the counter not that far inside the entrance, probably just like a good number of other rural Minnesotans.

“Those days are over now,” Missling said, “and it’s kind of sad, but we had not locked our house and that’s a big mistake. Things have changed. In Cottonwood County, we never even used to even think about this kind of stuff happening.”

The thief brazenly went into the Missling home, found the keys, and stole the truck.

Meanwhile, Rod and Vicki are in Sioux Falls and work to get home, with the unsettling feeling that someone, somewhere is driving their truck.

The ironic thing is that one day previously Rod had spoken with Cottonwood County Sheriff’s Deputy Eric Haken as he was looking for a suspicious character in the area that had been spotted near the Red Rock Rural Water facility just off the highway on the east side of Jeffers.

A stolen 2006 Honda had been recovered parked next to the filtering plant out in the country.

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