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Thursday, June 20, 2024

County board looks at making A/T appointed position

The Cottonwood County Board of Commissioners began the process of looking into making the county auditor/treasurer an appointed position, rather than an elected position.

At a special meeting Friday morning, the board accepted the resignation of current auditor/treasurer Donna Torkelson, pending clarification on vacation, sick time and insurance. The resignation is effective Feb. 16. The board expects to have clarification on payout of benefits by Tuesday’s regular meeting.

The board also approved posting the open auditor/treasurer position, both internally and externally.

The board then discussed the prospect of having the auditor/treasurer position be an appointed position moving forward. The board noted that 44 counties in the state currently appoint their combined auditor/treasurer post.

The board approved posting a resolution to take public comment on the matter. A public hearing will be held Feb. 20 during the regular meeting that day.

In the meantime, the board temporarily approved giving current chief deputy auditor/treasurer Carolyn Rempel authority to sign signature cards and financial records. The board will look at designating an interim auditor/treasurer at Tuesday’s regular meeting.

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