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Saturday, May 25, 2024

Winter not slowing rapid River Bend expansion

It was out with the old and as the old cooler was taken out and sold and one of the two brand new coolers to be installed was up and running recently.

The second cooler has also arrived and installation should soon be completed, informed River Bend Liquor manager John Nelson.

The second new cooler will not sit in the same spot as the last one, and it will instead be located and installed further back in the store. This opens up much-needed floor space in the display and product area at the front of the store, and visitors are going to notice a seminal difference upon visiting the store, said Nelson.

The $900,000-plus remodeling project should be finished by the end of April and included in the updates will be a replacement of the awning out front and the installation of large, lighted signs that will adorn the building front and back to allure traffic in.

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