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Windom and Mt. Lake awarded large grants for EAB issue

The cities of Windom and Mt. Lake have just received grants totaling over $170,000 to help remove and plant trees in the intensifying battle against the emerald ash borer.

The grant will support work over the next four years, but both cities plan to remove dying trees and plant replacement trees as soon as possible, starting this spring. The money is designated for ash trees located in city parks, on city streets and boulevards and within city properties.

Windom received $99,700 and plans are to use the money to remove 75 ash trees, and plant at least 150 replacement trees, each being at least six feet in height. Mt. Lake received 72,890 and plans to remove 52 trees and plant at least 104 trees, with at least a two-to-one replacement to removal ratio being the goal in both projects.

Dave Bucklin and Breanna Wagner of the Cottonwood Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) delivered the news on Monday and said they are thrilled to see this money become available, as signs of dead ash trees are already apparent in Mt. Lake and Butterfield, and Windom is not far behind as the destructive bug spreads and kills trees.

“The pest made it to Minnesota probably four or five years ago,” said Bucklin, a district senior technician for the SWCD. “I believe 2002 was the first year it was found out in Michigan. So it’s taken time, but now it’s in Mt. Lake and probably in Windom. And if it isn’t, it will be here within a year or so.”

For more details on this story, please see the Jan. 24 edition of the Citizen.

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