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County aims to educate about recycling and offers myriad facilities

Every year, recycling programs face the same problems over and over — what can be recycled and how to eliminate garbage and other waste from these bins or recycling sheds, which are located across Cottonwood County.

To answer a lot of these questions, one simply has to visit the Cottonwood County website (https://www.co.cottonwood.mn.us/departments/services/index.php) and click on the “solid waste and recycling” tab on the left side.

There, you can scroll down on the numerous options to find out exactly what can and cannot be recycled in the brown recycling bins provided by Hometown Sanitation. Hometown collects the recycling in the county every two weeks at residential units.

Cottonwood County Solid Waste administrator Kyle Pillatzki has held his position for about 13 years. He said seven different types of plastics can be recycled, including bottles like water bottles and laundry detergent containers.

“There are a lot of materials out there that are recyclable, they’re just not recyclable in our area, such as film plastics like grocery bags,” Pillatzki said. “You can recycle them, just not in our area. There are places around here like Hy-Vee, they collect them.

“The other item is styrofoam,” Pillatzki said. “It can be recycled, but you need so much of it.”
Pillatzki encourages you to keep reusing plastic grocery bags if you can, especially to line a trash can in a bathroom or bedroom.

“That is something we want to push, to reduce,” he said. “We want to reduce and reuse if we can.”

While a majority of the county’s citizens follow the rules and recycle what they should, there are always a few items that get dumped inadvertently or illegally, which is frustrating for those left to sort and clean it up.

For more details on this story, please see the Jan. 17 edition of the Citizen.

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