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Vet clinic finishing big remodel

The Cottonwood Veterinary Clinic is undergoing a large remodeling project that will greatly increase the working space of the building and afford better conditions for both customers and animals.

Scott Kuecker is the owner of the business, and he is coming back here as owner and part-time veterinarian, as he also owns and spends the majority of his time at his veterinary clinic in Marshall.

“I only work here one day a week,” said Kuecker, “and this rebuild is really about the faithful employees here who are serving this community. There is such a great team here, and I just seek to be a part of that effort in coming back.”

His plan is to get his business expanded and up and running and then turn back some ownership to its employees. Kuecker purchased the clinic in 2019 and started to come down to help.

“What happened is that Dr. Stone was sick,” Kuecker explained. “He had cancer and they were looking for some additional management and ownership help, so I decided to start coming down.”

Kuecker has been in Marshall for 27 years. His father, Ron Kuecker, was a vet and part owner at the clinic, so Scott grew up in Windom, graduating from WAHS in 1984 and spending lots of time at the practice. So Kuecker knew the clinic in Windom very well, the people involved. His father retired in 2002.

“Coming back now is about helping the community, and reconnecting with people,” said Kuecker.

He expressed admiration for the vets and the staff working in Windom. “These people have a love for animals here. The vets and the staff are incredible. They understand the need for animals and high-quality care.”

For more on this story, please see the Jan. 10 edition of the Citizen.

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