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HyLife closure dominates ’23 news

In many ways, the year 2023 was a year that tested the resolve of Cottonwood County.
The year had plenty of highlights. New businesses emerged, major city and school projects took shape and the region’s farmers saw better-than-expected yields.

But what 2023 will be most remembered for are the challenges that were faced.
Whether it was a heavy spring rain followed by a summer of drought, a farm accident that had a devastating impact or a trial that put Cottonwood County in the state’s spotlight, the challenges were many.

But through it all, residents of the county persevered.

That was evident though the biggest story of the past year, which saw a major employer close, leaving a major hole in the community, while casting a light toward a hopeful future.

HyLife closes

The top story of 2023 was not initially good news, as HyLife Foods, one of the largest employers in the city, announced in April that it was looking to sell the plant and then eventually did just that through a bankruptcy auction in early June.

For more details, and the rest of the top 10, please see the Dec. 27 edition of the Citizen.

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